I UK [kuːl] / US [kul] adjective
Word forms "cool":
adjective cool comparative cooler superlative coolest
1) rather cold, often in a pleasant way

The water was wonderfully cool and refreshing.

Store the wine in a cool dry place.

Tomorrow it will be cloudy and cool everywhere.

a) food that is cool is no longer hot

When the biscuits are cool, brush them with melted chocolate.

b) cool clothes prevent you from feeling too hot

He put on a cool cotton shirt and a pair of shorts.

c) cool colours, such as white and blue, give an idea of cold instead of heat

The place was painted in a cool glossy white.

2) calm and relaxed

a cool and calm atmosphere

her cool handling of the situation

3) not friendly or enthusiastic

The presidential candidate got a cool reception.

a cool ruthless manner

4) impressive because of being fashionable or attractive

one of Britain's coolest young designers

It's not considered cool to wear a helmet.

a) used for emphasizing how good someone or something is

We had such a cool time at your party.

I met this really cool girl last night.

b) spoken used for agreeing to something or saying that something would be convenient

"We could go to see a film." "Cool."

Any time after five would be cool.

5) [only before noun] informal used with an amount of money for emphasizing how large it is

He ended up with a cool £50,000.


Derived word:
noun uncountable

We sat and enjoyed the coolness of the shade.

There was a definite coolness between the two men.

II UK [kuːl] / US [kul] verb
Word forms "cool":
present tense I/you/we/they cool he/she/it cools present participle cooling past tense cooled past participle cooled
1) cool or cool down
[intransitive/transitive] to become cooler, or to make something cooler

Allow the cake to cool completely.

We opened the windows to cool the room.

2) [intransitive] if a feeling such as love or anger cools, it becomes less strong

Later, when tempers had cooled, they sat down and talked.

Her enthusiasm quickly cooled.

Nouns frequently used as subjects of cool
▪  anger, ardour, enthusiasm, love, temper Phrasal verbs:
III UK [kuːl] / US [kul] noun
1) the cool the pleasant cool temperature of a place or time of day

We went for a walk in the cool of the evening.

2) [uncountable] the quality of being extremely fashionable

She was the embodiment of cool.

English dictionary. 2014.

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